Unfortunately due to COVID-19 our services are restricted and deliveries have become affected at times.

You can still order contact lenses and we are organising these to be delivered to your house or another address which is best for you.

To order contact lenses  - please text Mark Mackey at 07554212840 with your details and your request and we get back to you as soon as possible, We will organise payment by card over the phone. 

If you get a regular shipment of contact lenses through one of our schemes - we are trying to organise these to come to automatically direct to your house. If you are awaiting contact lenses please text Mark Mackey at 07554212840 again with your details and say that you are awaiting contact lenses. If you get solutions with your contact lenses we will try and deliver these to your house. 

If you have contact lenses that you believe are sitting in one of our practices - please text Mark at 07554212840 and say which practice you ordered them from and leave your details. We will organise delivery direct to you. 

Regular aftercare appointments

We cannot do teach or handles (if you have just ordered contact lenses for the first time), or regular after-care checks under the current guidance. Providing you are having no problems with your contact lenses, we can currently supply you with replacement contact lenses under the current guidelines even though we would normally have recommended that you would have to have your routine aftercare or eye examination first. 


If you have a sore eye or your vision doesn't feel right please do not wear your contact lenses and see whether the matter resolves in the next 24-48 hours and it should normally improve gradually. If you continue to have a problem or it keeps getting worse while not wearing your contact lens, please call Mark Mackey for North Down patients or alternatively Richard Mackey at 07554 501290 for Belfast practices. If you normally go to Michael in Carnmoney contact him at  07554 501290, or Geraldine can be contacted at Cookstown at 07500 530581.

It is very important for any extended wear patients not to wear their lenses if they have a sore eye - remember always "Look Good, See Good, Feel Good"!!

General advice for contact lens wearers

Contact lens wearers can continue to wear their lenses ensuring that their hands are clean (washing for 20 seconds with warm soapy water)  when putting lenses on and off your eyes.

Clean your case regularly as directed with clean solution each day. Do not use tap water!. 

A very small percentage of patients with COVID-19 have reported conjunctivitis - it is unlikely that if you have a red eye that COVID-19 is the cause of it.

However you should not wear your contact lenses if you have red or irritable eyes and there is advice that you shouldn't wear contact lenses if you have the flu or cold either.

Please ensure that you have an up to date pair of spectacles available if you have to cease contact lens wear. 

Ortho-keratology contact lenses

If you are on an annual replacement scheme and are due your new Ortho-K lenses, we will organise delivery direct to your house. Please swap to your new lenses and we will review your eyes when the Covid-19 Guidelines change. If you feel your vision is not as good as your old lenses, then revert to your old pair again. Please keep old lenses sterile - either cleaned and then kept dry or continue to change contact lens solution at times. If you have broken one of your lenses please get in touch.

If you need Celluvisc or GP solution, please phone Mark or Richard Mackey and we will try and organise delivery where possible.

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