QUESTION: Why have I never heard of Orthokeratology lenses?

ANSWER: Although Ortho-K Lenses have been available for over 10 years it is only contact lens specialists that fit them as Ortho-K requires some specialised equipment and expertise. As a result, we only offer them currently in two of our practices – Bangor and North Street, Belfast.

QUESTION: Are Ortho-K Lenses suitable for all ages?

ANSWER: Ortho-K Lenses are ideal for children of all ages! Orthokeratology is used throughout the world on children as soon as they become short sighted and want contact lenses. Recent studies show that the changes on the cornea caused with Ortho-K lenses may actually reduce short sight progression, making them an optimum correction for children. Contact lens dry eye is the most common reason people stop wearing contact lenses, so you never get too old for Ortho-K.

QUESTION: Is it ever painful?

ANSWER: Absolutely not. Ortho-K Lenses are specifically designed for the shape of your eye and you are not aware of them as you sleep.

QUESTION: Can I see if I get up during the night?

ANSWER: The clever thing about Ortho-K lens is that you have perfect vision whether you are wearing them or not.

QUESTION: What happens if Ortho-K Lenses don't work for me?

ANSWER: Another benefit of Ortho-K is that the procedure is totally reversible. If you don't like them you simply stop wearing them and your eyes return to normal.

QUESTION: What happens if I forget to wear Ortho-K Lenses one night?

ANSWER: If you miss one night you will still be able to see the following day. In fact some users find they only need to wear Ortho-K Lenses every 2nd night.

QUESTION: Can I go to any Mackey Opticians practice to be fitted.

ANSWER: You can go to any Mackey Opticians practice to have your eyes examined and check whether your eyes are suitable for contact lenses and Ortho-K. You will have to visit either Bangor or North Street to have your eyes “mapped” with our specialist topographer – we use these maps to design the Ortho-K lens just for you. You may be able to attend your local Mackey Opticians for collection and handling, and be able to alternate between the practices for your aftercare appointments.

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