Ralieri World Rugby Goggles

Ralieri World Rugby Goggles

Until recently the use of goggles was formerly forbidden in contact rugby games.

In an effort to allow people who need to wear corrective lenses to do so safely while playing Rugby and to accommodate people with monocular vision or chronic eye conditions who wish to wear goggles while playing, the International Rugby Board commissioned Raleri to develop specific “Rugby Goggles” to be submitted to a global testing (GLT) on worldwide fields.

World Rugby Trial Approved Rugby Goggles were developed with a view to posing no additional risk to the wearer and other players with particular emphasis on 

  • Impact resistance
  • Anti-fogging
  • Huge field of vision
  • Safe unlocking in the Retention system.

The Rugby Goggles were designed to allow corrective lenses which are fitted in the provided "clip on" that mounts in the inner side of the goggles. Feedback forms were issued with every pair and the information reviewed over the last 2-3 years. 

Goggles Law Trial Now Complete

The Goggles Law Trial ended on July 1st 2019 as Goggles are now included as part of the laws of the game. World Rugby would like to thank everyone who participated in the trial for their feedback.

Goggles that comply with the requirements detailed in this section can now be worn by any player while playing rugby.

Compliance is indicated on the goggles by the presence of the World Rugby Approved logo. Existing trial goggles may continue to be used and are also considered compliant.

Rugby Goggles are not intended to be protective, but it is recognized that in complying with the specification there is a likelihood that some protective qualities will exist.

World Rugby have attempted to balance the risks to all players that may be introduced by the use of goggles with the need to enable their use.

It is also recognized that the goggles will not be appropriate for every player who may need them.

Rugby Goggles 2

At present, Ralieri goggles are the only ones that meet the specification and are branded with World Rugby.

They have also introduced a second "Pro" version which is lighter and thinner with possibly better uninterrupted field of vision. There are also 2 sizes available A and B for larger and smaller head sizes.

Mackey Opticians can provide glazed Ralieri World Rugby goggles either fitted with standard plastic lenses that meet the World Rugby specification or fitted with PNX or other high index material which may be thinner, lighter and more robust.

Prices start from £145 complete for the standard and £190 complete for the Pro version.

Please call into your local practice and we can organise to show you them. 



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