Age and Eyesight

Age and Eyesight


Children are often born long-sighted and have to focus more than normal to see things at distance and near. This can also lead to Strabismus (eye-turn) and Lazy eyes. There may be a family history of eye problems.Children rarely complain about their sight. They may however show signs of not being able to see properly. Things to look out for include sitting close to the TV, holding objects very close to their face, blinking a lot, eye rubbing, or one eye turning in or out.Short-sightedness often appears in children from 8 years old or later as teenagers. Your child may have had no problems before, but suddenly starts to have problems seeing distant objects.If your child is having any sort of sight problems, book a free eye examination for further investigation.

What happens as youget older

It is normal for our eyes to change as we get older. Normal changes include losing the ability to focus on things that are close-up (presbyopia), finding that it takes longer to adapt to changing lighting conditions and finding that we need more light to see things.As we get older we are also more likely to develop eye disease. The most common eye diseases in older people are cataract, age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma. It is very important to detect any eye disease as early as possible as any vision loss may be preventable.Have a regular eye examination every two years, even if you do not wear spectacles.  

At Mackey Opticians everyone over the age of 60 is entitled to a free NHS sight test.

Higher Risk Groups

Anyone can develop sight problems, but some people have a higher risk of eye disease.It’s especially important to have regular eye tests if you are:

  • above 60 years old
  • from certain ethnic groups; for example, people from African-Caribbean communities are at greater risk of developing glaucoma and diabetes, and people from south Asian communities are at a greater risk of developing diabetes. Diabetic retinopathy, in which the retina becomes damaged, is a common complication of diabetes
  • someone with a learning disability
  • from a family with a history of eye disease

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