Don't Risk It - protect Your Eyes

Don't Risk It - protect Your Eyes

5 steps to eye safety

1. Choose the correct type of eye protection for the job that you are doing

Eye protection can come as safety spectacles with “basic” plastic lenses for general use, polycarbonate lenses for high impact protection, or as goggles for working with chemicals or dust. Your Optometrist at Mackey Opticians can advise you on the best solution for you and your work.

2. Ensure that your eye protection fits well

Mackey Opticians have a wide choice of models to ensure that your safety spectacles fit to cover your eyes properly and are comfortable so that you are not removing them in hazardous situations.

3. Get prescription safety spectacles

If you wear spectacles for distance or reading, use prescription safety spectiacles. Don't use goggles or screens over your spectacles.

4. Make sure your eye protection is up to standard

All safety eyewear should be independently tested and both frames and lenses should be marked with a CE logo, manufacturer’s logo and numbers and/or letters to tell you what are the safety spectacles are designed for.

5. Replace worn or damaged equipment

Don’t use safety spectacles that are scratched or broken. Scratches can markedly affect the impact resistance of polycarbonate lenses especially with certain solvents, and will reduce your vision in potentially dangerous situations. All Bolle safety spectacles from Mackey Opticians come with a hard coating and cleaning cloth to prolong their life.

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