Mackey Opticians VDU Eyecare Scheme

Many reports have shown the benefits of ensuring that your employees are wearing the latest spectacle prescription and that their spectacles are in good working order. As you would expect, there are reported improvements in work-rate, morale and reduction in fatigue and sickness.

Mackey Opticians provide VDU eye-care schemes for many companies across Northern Ireland. We can test your employees on-site if you prefer (over 10 employees), or your staff can take advantage of being examined at any of our 13 practices during or after work hours. 

Mackey Opticians VDU Eyecare Scheme
Mackey Opticians VDU Eyecare Scheme

Option 1 - VDU use only spectacles

Option 2

This is designed for companies who simply want to meet the VDU (DSE) Regulations which require companies to provide regular eye examinations for their employees who use VDUs, and to pay for basic spectacles where the employee requires spectacles solely for VDU use.

A VDU Eyecare Voucher costs just £35.00 and this includes:

  • Free Eye Examination
  • Pair of glasses from our £85.00 range or below (if requiring spectacles for VDU use only)
  • If employees require spectacles or contact lenses for general use and not solely VDU use, they can take advantage of our “Family and Friends” 15% discount voucher

To order “VDU use only” vouchers please email our Corporate Eyecare team with your contact details and we will get in touch with you.

*The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations came into force on January 1st 1993. The employer is responsible for the health and safety of all who work in his premises. All employed habitual users of Display Screen Equipment are entitled to eye examinations paid for by their employer. It is normally agreed that ‘habitual’ means regularly using a terminal for spells of over one hour - less if mistakes can have a critical effect e.g. situations where errors can have serious consequences. 

Option 2

If you would like to give your staff more benefits than the basic requirements of the DSE regulations, Mackey Opticians can tailor a scheme to meet your employees’ needs for eye examinations, spectacles and contact lenses.

You can choose to give your colleagues extra help with, for example:

  • Bifocals
  • Varifocals
  • Enhanced readers or Workstyle Office lenses
  • Anti-reflection, anti-scratch and olio-phobic coatings
  • New “BlueControl” coatings
  • Spectacle frames
  • Contact Lenses including Ortho-K

You can choose a single limit of expenditure, or different limits depending on what type of lenses that are required. We can invoice you so that you able to claim relief and VAT on the spectacles and/or contact lenses provided. You (and your colleagues) will bene t from our “Friend’s and Family” 15% discount.

If your company prefers, we can sell you vouchers for the eye examination and any agreed amounts in advance. 

Mackey Opticians Safety Eyecare

Mackey Opticians have provided safety spectacles for companies across Northern Ireland for over 40 years. We offer high quality safety spectacles under a simple scheme with easy administration.

If your employees also require eye examinations, we can test them on- site if you prefer (over 10 employees), or your staff can take advantage of being examined and/or dispensed at any of our 13 practices during or after work hours.

Companies can purchase vouchers for safety spectacles in advance, or they can issue a purchase order to the staff member and be invoiced afterwards. 

Mackey Opticians VDU Eyecare Scheme
Mackey Opticians VDU Eyecare Scheme

Your company safety officer will normally decide what level of eye protection is best for the task required. There are two main groups of safety spectacle provision - basic safety spectacles using “CR-39” lenses and “low impact” safety spectacles using polycarbonate lenses. “Low impact” means that they can withstand impacts against small objects travelling up to 45 meters per second.

Medium impact and high impact tasks as described in the legislation require safety goggles or face screens, as well as safety spectacles. 

Corporate Prices:

Our prices include a free hard-coat on the lenses to reduce scratches, plus a case and a cloth. Please note that our Corporate prices represent a marked discount on Bolle’s RRP and single pairs purchased for private use. Eye examination fees are available on request.

There may be extra charges for high powers, prism, tints, photochromic, glass, UV400 and/ or anti-re ection coatings if required. Tracker and Twister frames with prescription inserts are also priced extra. Prices are ex-VAT.

We can also supply safety spectacles from other providers as requested. Please note that safety spectacles cannot be repaired. Scratches and the wrong cleaning solutions can signi cantly affect the strength of polycarbonate spectacle lenses. 

Mackey Opticians VDU Eyecare Scheme


Our main supplier is Bolle - one of the world’s leading safety companies which offers a wide range of safety spectacle frame styles to suit different face shapes and sizes. All of the frames are charged at the same price including a case and hard-coat lenses. We have a full tting set of the Bolle range at every one of our practices. Some of the range can be seen at the related article listed below.

Bolle safety spectacles are simply priced depending on what lens material is required - CR-39 or Polycarbonate, and what lens type is recommended - single vision, bifocal or varifocal.

We are very happy to discuss the needs of your staff with you. 

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