Me, myself and eye

Me, myself and eye

Our latest multipair offer allows you to have perfect vision in all situations. Purchase a first pair of Hoya iD lenses - varifocals or single vision - with a qualifying quality HVLL, Blue anti-reflection or EnRoute coating, and you can choose a second pair - occupational, photochromic, sunglasses or "wrapped" sports lenses. 

You will also get 50% discount off the price of the second spectacle frames.

Your second pair could be:

  • a free pair of sunglass lenses for play - varifocals or single vision (distance or reading). Can be upgraded at reduced cost to polarised sunglasses.
  • a free pair of Nulux Sportive lenses (see below) - wrapped lenses for sports frames to you prescription and available with eyecatching tints, mirror coatings or polarised sunglasses (limited ranges) at no extra charge.
  • a free pair of "Workstyle ID" lenses (see below) - perfect for the office or computer.

Or simply choose a different style of spectacles for your different personalities to shine through. 

Personalised individual freeform spectacle lenses with Hoya's High Vision Long Life coatings - their hardest most durable lens coating with a no quibble guarantee. 

Ask at your Mackey Opticians practice for more information about personalised spectacle lenses and our multi-pair offer. Ends 31st March 2023.

polarised postcard    polarised postcard

polarised postcard    polarised postcard

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