Work or play - wear it your way

Work or play - wear it your way

Work or Play - wear it your way

Mackey Opticians and Hoya are offering you the chance to purchase 2 different pairs of spectacles, whether for work or for play and just pay for the first pair of lenses.

You will also get 50% discount off the price of the second spectacle frames.

Your first pair can be chosen from Hoya premium iD Identity single vision, or MySelf, MyStyle or Lifestyle 3 progressive lenses with HVLL or Blue Control coatings.

Your second pair could be:

  • a free pair of polarised sunglass lenses for play - varifocals or single vision (distance or reading).
  • a free pair of Nulux Sportive lenses (see below) - wrapped lenses for sports frames to you prescription and available with eyecatching tints, mirror coatings or polarised sunglasses (limited ranges) at no extra charge.
  • a free pair of "Workstyle ID" lenses (see below) - perfect for the office or computer.

Or simply choose a different style of spectacles for your different personalities to shine through. 

Personalised individual freeform spectacle lenses with Hoya's High Vision Long Life coatings - their hardest most durable lens coating with a no quibble guarantee. 

Ask at your Mackey Opticians practice for more information about personalised spectacle lenses and our multi-pair offer. Ends 31st March 2022.

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HOYA Sportive Lens Range

HOYA Sportive Lenses - optimised front surface for high curved lenses

Whether professional or amateur, athletes ask a lot from their sports gear. But it is only recently that the benefits of prescription sports lenses have become widely understood. This has opened up a considerable market of active spectacle wearers who are eager to protect their eyes and enhance their performance. Offering sharp, unobstructed vision even in challenging environmental conditions, our sports lenses ensure you can perform at your best – and look good doing it.

Our sports lenses are a must have for all spectacle wearers who take their sport seriously. The high-curved lenses are designed for wraparound frames, providing a snug, comfortable fit and protection at both the front and side of the face and are available with a range of eye-catching tints and coatings including polarised lenses.

Nulux Sportive "wrapped" lenses offer great benefits including:

  • Protection against wind during fast movement
  • Protection against dust
  • Protection against glare
  • Wide fields of vision thanks to their outstanding optical performance and high curvature
  • Perfect vision in all weather conditions thanks to contrast-enhancing tints


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 Hoyalux iD WorkStyle V+

Hoyalux iD WorkStyle V+ is the exclusive indoor solution that is tailored to individual working conditions. Available in 3 design variations - Space, Screen & Close - it offers optimal depth and width perception at both near and intermediate. Each of the designs is optimised for a different working distance depending on your requirements. Individual wearing parameters are also taken into account to ensure optimal vision based upon the wearing position of your spectacle frame.

In addition, Hoyalux iD WorkStyle V+ utilises Binocular Harmonization Technology™ to balance the right and left prescriptions, providing unrivalled binocular performance.

Hoyalux iD WorkStyle V+ Space is ideal for patients who regularly perform activities where the focus is just a little further than the computer screen, offering sharp distance vision, whilst still having crystal clear vision on the screen.

Hoyalux iD WorkStyle V+ Screen is the best choice for patients that require smooth, sharp depth and width vision from near to distances up to 2 meters. This makes it ideal for computer work.

Hoyalux iD WorkStyle V+ Close is perfect for patients with specialist hobbies or professions that require high levels of concentration and precision. With this design they will benefit from the widest possible near area, whilst still being able to see perfectly at intermediate distances up to 1 meter.

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