What is a "Night Lens"?​

"Night lenses" are contact lenses that you wear while sleeping. They are specially designed to harmlessly, and naturally, re-shape the outer cell layer of your eye. Your eye naturally renews these cells every night into the lens to mould it into the correct shape. When you wake, you can enjoy the benefits of perfect vision* all day, without needing glasses or daytime contact lenses.

They can be worn by anyone who is myopic (under -5.00D) and are ideal for children, early myopes and active adults although any myope may benefit - see below.

*Reverses after 24 hours. Repeat nightly.

How do Night Lenses Work?

The process is called Orthokeratology, so medically these are known as ‘Ortho-K’ lenses.

Myopia (short sight) makes the eye longer than it should be. So the light focuses in the wrong place, causing blur. Night Lenses work by altering the power of the front surface of your eye (your cornea) so that the light focuses in the right place.

Every night your cornea naturally sheds its outer layer of cells. While you sleep the new cells form into the mould of your custom fit night lens, creating the newly adjusted lens power.

When you remove the lenses in the morning you have clear sight. No need for glasses, daytime lenses or laser eye surgery.​ The process is harmless and reverses every night – simply repeat every night as part of your routine just as you would with daytime lenses.

Myopia Management

One of the side benefits of Orthokeratology is that it also slows the progression of myopia (myopia management) so that your prescription doesn't get worse as quickly as would be expected. Some people benefit by a complete 100% stop while others may find it still gets worse a bit. Research (mainly in South East Asia and Australia) quotes that Orthokeratology will slow myopia by 60% although our findings with Night Lenses are that we can achieve much better results than that especially if the myopia is corrected at an earlier stage.

Please visit our page on Myopia Management.

Freedom without Glasses or Contact Lenses

During your waking day (with Night lenses) you will benefit from clear eyesight without the need for spectacles or contact lenses giving you freedom to explore active sports or other pursuits where glasses and contact lenses can make things difficult or irritable. Ideal for football and rugby, swimming or water polo, open watersports and sailing.

Night lenses also reduce problems with lens allergies and dry eye although you will need to be assessed for suitability before you can wear them.

Major Benefits:

  • No contact related dryness during the day

  • Perfect for swimming and other water sports where contact lenses may be unsuitable.

  • Play contact sports without risk of losing or dislodging lenses

  • Work in (air-conditioned, dry or hot) areas where contact lenses may not normally be suitable.

  • Naturally good eyesight during the day

  • None of the risks of laser surgery

  • Reversible changes simply by stop wearing the lenses

  • Reduced chance of losing or breaking lenses as normally put in and taken out at home

  • Parent can help with cleaning and handling lenses for young children – also no potential problem of wearing contact lenses during the school day

  • Recent studies have reported reduction in myopia progression – that is, you stop getting more short-sighted or at least slow the rate of change.

  • Comparable cost to regular contact lenses

Who are Night Lenses for?


People suffering from myopia, or short-sightedness, enjoy a life without lenses or specs during the day, whilst enjoying clear, natural, corrected vision.


Patients with the following prescription:

  • Spherical spectacle prescription of -5.00D. Higher prescriptions can be treated although not as reliably.

  • Astigmatism of up to -1.00D


People who want clear natural vision all day - every day


Sporting or active people


Children - Night Lenses can help to reduce the progression of shortsightedness


People who have considered laser surgery but are worried about the risks


People who find contact lenses uncomfortable or specs inconvenient

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