The Hearing Care Partnership

Here at Mackey Opticians we are excited to be working alongside The Hearing Care Partnership to provide expert hearing care services across seven of our practices – find your nearest practice here. Our expert audiologist will be offering a range of hearing services including FREE hearing assessments, as well as hearing aids, ear wax removal, tinnitus consultations and hearing protection solutions.


Free Hearing Tests

With The Hearing Care Partnership all hearing assessments are completely free of charge, performed by our professional and caring audiologist. Our expert audiologist will perform several diagnostic tests using the latest technology to suit your needs, whether you’re after a quick hearing check or a more comprehensive hearing assessment, allowing them to create a detailed profile of your hearing and enable you to understand more about your hearing health.

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Hearing Aids

Following a hearing test, your audiologist may recommend using aids, in which case they will be able to help you pick from The Hearing Care Partnership’s wide range of state-of-the-art hearing technology. Unlike the bulky and often unsightly hearing aids of the past, today, hearing aids are much more discreet and are packed full of tech, some of which can even link up with your smartphone.

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Ear Wax Removal

We also offer an ear wax removal using service using the latest and safest methods to remove excess ear wax, including micro suction and irrigation. The removal method used is dependent on the level of wax build up you have and whether you have any pre-existing conditions to provide the best results possible.

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Tinnitus Consultations

The Hearing Care Partnership offers free consultations for those that live with tinnitus. This enables them to help better manage their condition and reduce the impact it can have on daily life.

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Hearing Protection

The Hearing Care Partnership’s expert audiologist can help find the perfect hearing protection solution for you. Ranging from custom ear plugs for general use or have a specialist hobby that requires specific hearing protection, we have plenty of options available to you.

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