Mark Mackey from Mackey Opticians attended Bangor Mini Swim Gala yesterday with Mackey Opticians sponsoring the series of galas at Bangor Aurora during the 2016/17 season for the first time. The Bangor Minor Swim Gala catered for children aged 7 to 11 from across Northern Ireland. Bangor Aurora was already full by the time Mark arrived at 8:00am with lots of eager youngsters starting their warm ups in the pool before their individual races. There was great interest from many of the attending children about our Gator prescription goggles which can be built with different spherical prescriptions in each eye and come in a range of colours including pink, blue, red and black. One young girl was especially pleased by the wide range of powers as the goggles go up to +8.00DS while her current ones couldn't meet her current +7.00DS prescription. "It was fantastic to see so many enthusiastic young faces especially so early in the morning on a Sunday. There were a lot of friends and patients of our practices at the gala as well so it is great to be able to come out and support them. It is very important to ensure that parents know whats available fro children who are playing sport and ensure that any vision problems are not allowed to prevent children from reaching their full potential." Mark did a diploma in Sports Vision over 5 years ago and has offered advice to people of many different sports including swimming, tennis, shooting, sailing and golf. Our Bangor practice also offers Ortho-keratology contact lenses which are perfect for swimmers (and other sports people) as you don't have to wear anything during the day whilst partaking in your sport except for eye protection like regular swimming goggles or sunglasses. See Related Articles for more details.

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