It's Star Wars Day

And we're excited to tell you that we have the range of Star Wars Rebel frames for children available at all of our practices. 

All of the Star Wars Rebel frames have spring sides and sizes range from small children to teenagers (or bigger headed small children like my own used to be)

How much do children's eye exams cost? 

Regular eye examinations are free of charge for all those in full time education under 19 years of age. We recommend that all children have an eye examination when they start primary school (or younger if there is a family history of long sightedness or lazy eyes) 

And for a limited time, all of the Star Wars Rebel frames are free of charge with your NHS Voucher. 

Click here to have a look at some of the frames (or use the link below) - or call in. We'll be happy to show them to you. 

May the Fourth be with you. 

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