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The DVLA rules for driving state that a driver must be able to see a car number plate from 20 meters. You must also meet a minimum eyesight standard for driving by having a visual acuity of at least 6/12. If you don't meet these conditions unaided, then you will be required to wear glasses while driving!

While some may see this as an inconvenience, Mackey Opticians are here to put your mind at ease and let you know that no matter what your driving needs are, we have a lens to help you drive safely!

We recommend that you have your spectacle lenses fitted with an anti-reflection coating which reduced reflections throughout the day. If you are still struggling at night, we have a special "EnRoute" coating that is available for single vision and varifocal lenses and cuts down the glare that modern headlights and streetlights can give.

If you wear sunglasses, you can have these fitted with your prescription and these are also available polarised which reduces the glare especially when the sun is low which is very common for Northern Ireland unfortunately. Alternatively, photochromic lenses that change from light to dark (Transitions or Sensity) can now react behind the windscreen of a car although they can't have the extra beneift of being polarised.

Or if glasses just aren't for you we are happy to offer contact lens appointments where we can fit you with the perfect pair of contact lenses and teach you how to wear and care for them, to ensure you have the freedom to drive comfortably!

Like your car, you should be having regular eye examinations to keep your eyes up to speed. If you feel your eyes may not be roadworthy - please book an appointment at your local Mackey Opticians and we can discuss your individual driving needs to give you the best advice. 

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