HOYA EnRoute - a visionary driving lens

EnRoute lenses are designed specifically for motorists, minimising the stress on the visual system, providing a more comfortable driving experience. They combine a premium single vision or progressive lens design with a specially developed Glare Filter to reduce reflections and glare from oncoming traffic and street lights. Now available with an optional contrast-enhancing filter (Pro verison) or photochromic variable tint that works behind your windscreen for daytime driving (Lite version). 

HOYA’s dedicated EnRoute lenses offer clear, contrast-rich vision in the far distance, of the dashboard and in mirrors. Drivers can feel comfortable and confident on the road, whatever the weather or time of day. Our eyes are required to process huge amounts of visual data and to shift viewing focus quickly and often. Depth perception, the ability to distinguish colour and peripheral vision are all decreased and then blue light emitted by on-board equipment further reduces visual acuity.

However, there is a more important consideration: 90% of a driver’s reaction time depends on vision, so impaired vision means slower reaction times. On the road, the situation can change instantly, becoming dangerous in the blink of an eye without the correct eyewear.

With EnRoute, patients benefit from:

  • Reduced glare and reflections from oncoming traffic and streetlights
  • Better contrast and brightness experience while driving in low light conditions
  • Clear vision in the far distance, the dashboard and in mirrors
  • Easy switching between distances
  • Relaxed and comfortable driving

EnRoute Pro - for the real road professionals

For professional drivers, Hoya has developed EnRoute Pro. It offers all the benefits of EnRoute and adds:

  • Specially developed Glare Filter for significant reduction of reflections and uncomfortable glare from oncoming traffic
  • Improved contrast and brightness perception in low-light conditions, fog and rain
  • Integrated Double Surface Design for the sharpest vision in the far distance, at the dash board and in mirrors and easier switching between the distances*
  • Balanced View Control for stable image perception in dynamic driving situations*
  • Dedicated lens design optimised for driving, with optional individual wearing parameters
  • High-definition, contrast-enhancing filter for the ultimate road experience

*EnRoute Pro Progressive

EnRoute Lite - day as well as night driving

EnRoute Lite adds a photochromic filter which works behind your windscreen - the tint in your glasses will darken as the outside brightens with a contrast filter to better see the road ahead. 

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