I will drink more...

Drink lots of water this year to help produce tears and reduce dry eyes. Drinking water also helps flush out the toxins from your liver, kidneys, bowels and stops them circulating around your body.

The cold weather and the hot radiator can lead to dehydration as well as tiredness. Redness, dryness and grittiness are common symptoms. Regular cups of tea and coffee can help but more than 2 cup of drinks with caffeine can deplete your tear film and cause irritation. Try swapping one or more for a cup of hot water with a fruit or herbal tea, or maybe a squeeze of lemon and a sprig of fresh mint.

Your eyes should be whiter, clearer and sparkly, which will hopefully make you feel younger and happier! 

Water also helps your complexion, your circulation, your skin, your concentration and your heart. Hopefully you will also be more active as well to make use of all the extra water you're drinking. 

Simple... drink more! water...

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