Mackey Opticians will be closed for a number of days from Christmas Eve and unable to offer our NIPEARS at this time - please see our opening hours. 

We will be back on Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th December in many practices with appointments available for NIPEARS. We reopen on Saturday 2nd January as normal. Our Carnmoney and Woodstock practices are closed until 4th January.

If our practice is closed and you have a very urgent problem that cannot wait, then you should contact your nearest Accident & Emergency Department.

BHSCT Eye Casualty Service

BHSCT Eye Casualty Service - This service will be closed on Christmas Day 2020. Patients with an eye emergency will be directed to attend their local Accident and Emergency Department. They will reopen on Boxing Day. However there is no walk-in facility - you must have an appointment either via ourselves if we are open, your GP or the main A&E department. 

  • Patient directions:
    • RVH Eye Casualty - this is now located in the Old Victorian Corridor in the main hospital and is clearly signposted in yellow and black signs from the main entrance.
    • Altnagelvin - please go to the main ED reception desk.
  • Dilation: It is very likely that you will have dilating drops and therefore you should be accompanied by a driver to the appointment.
  • Glasses: Please bring your glasses with you to Eye Casualty
  • Contact lenses: If you have a contact lens related problem take your contact lenses and the contact lens case with you so that they may have microbial testing if necessary.


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