Come and view the new Sea2See range of spectacles at your local Mackey Opticians practice.

SEA2SEE was started by François van den Abeele, a father and entrepreneur with deep passion for oceans and nature, convinced that around the globe consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, that they expect ecologically friendly materials, a conservation-minded use of resources, reduced emission of pollutants and greater social commitment. 

François firmly believes that every drop counts in changing the world and reimagining product design, use and consumption habits is our duty and one of the greatest challenges of our time. Thinking about our future and the one our children will inherit should be second nature.

Believing in circular economy and looking at the plastic contamination of our Oceans, he believed that Ocean plastic could be reconverted into raw material to produce everyday products. His motivation, investigations and investment in R&D have been lead him to succeed in manufacturing a premium eyewear made entirely with abandoned fishnets and ropes, collected by fishing communities of the coast of Spain, hence reducing ghost fishing and ocean contamination.

Sustainability is almost inexistent in the eyewear industry where plastic is the main source of raw material. Sea2see is leading a change, hoping consumers will start understanding that waste can be transformed into premium products.

Sea2see is more than a product, it’s a statement that anybody can wear with pride, because optical frames and sunglasses will not change the world, but people that wear Sea2see will.

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