New Hoya LifeStyle 3 progressive lenses have been launched this month to try and better match your unique lifestyle. Our "Best" progressive (varifocal) lens has just got better. 

With three design variations for maximum customisation:

  • LifeStyle 3 Indoor, for people who spend a lot of their time indoors, looking at mobile devices or reading. 
  • LifeStyle 3 Urban, designed for people who are dynamic, always on the go but also enjoy reading books and using their mobile devices. 
  • LifeStyle 3 Outdoor, a first choice for people who spend much time outside and drive a car a lot. reading is not their first choice in their spare time.

Hoya LifeStyle 3 brings a number of new technologies:

  • Binocular Harmonization Technology, providing precise and effortless focusing, depth of vision and stability
  • Binocular Eye Model: patented binocular performance measurement programme for natural, stable vision in a dynamic world
  • iD FreeForm Design Technology for clear, natural vision in all directions and at all distance  
  • Expanded corrdor lenghth options; gives possibility for wider choice of frame selection
  • Optional indvidualisation of wearing parameters when choosing LifeStyle 3i option

Thankfully you don't need to know too much about all of these technologies. At your local Mackey Opticians, we will make it as easy as 1,2,3 to choose the best lens for you and your lifestyle.

Book an appointment today for an eye examination or simply to come and discuss what you need from your new spectacle lenses. 


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